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An African Surf Documentary
Beyond Surf Movie Team
Creating a new surf documentary movie. The boys and girls who were down there in Morocco, Mauritania, Senegal and Gambia.
Having spent quite some time in Senegal before, the idea for "Beyond - An African Surf documentary" was always spooking in Mario's head. While working on the "The Old, the Young & the Sea", the idea became a fixed plan and initial writing and producing began. As director Mario is restlessly roaming the busy streets for good shots, always on the mission to find a good conversation - maybe even a good story.
Name Mario Hainzl
Position Director
Instagram beyondmovie
Surfboard I'll ask that guy over there.
Besides developing crossmedia marketing strategies for his clients Andy cooked up the idea for Beyond together with Mario. Andy shares Mario's passion for discovering the beauty of people and loves to share the waves with their movie's protagonists. As producer Andy takes care of all spreadsheets and has a tight grip on the movie's budget.
Name Andreas Jaritz
Position Producer
Twitter andreasjaritz
Instagram andreasjaritz
Surfboard 5'8" Fly Black Bird
Austrian based filmmaker, photographer and outdoor enthusiast was part of the filming and editing crew of our last movie The Old, the Young & the Sea. His work in the field and in the editing room substantially influences the look and feel of both documentaries.
Name Roman Königshofer
Position Cinematographer
Twitter r_koenigshofer
Instagram rawmeyn
Surfboard HS Shredsled
Felix Gänsicke is currently studying psychology in Hamburg and besides he released his first surf movie „Headache“ this year. Now he joined our team to be filming out and inside the water where he gets most of his inspiration and motivation.
Name Felix Gänsicke
Position Cinematographer
Surfboard Wavegliders Quad Fin
Being part of the infamous Lupi Spuma photography in Graz/Austria, Judith always has one finger on the trigger of her camera and her attention close to her photo motifs' hearts. Judith loves to share her photos and passion with the people she is shooting hence opening a lot of doors to otherwise closed worlds.
Name Judith Recher
Position Project Photographer
Surfboard African Rental Boards
Working successfully as a cinematographer worldwide for many years, Rene established a simple yet compelling working ethos: 'Hear the music before the song is over!'
Name Rene Eckert
Position Cinematographer
Instagram blickinsfreie
Surfboard Andy's Boards
Name Tarik Ihsam Hadri
Position Fixer Morocco
Name Kis Kis
Position Fixer Morocco
Name Ayoub Abouizza
Position Fixer Morocco
Name Baba
Position Fixer Mauritania
Name Mansour Diagne
Position Fixer Senegal / Gambia
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